I am not writing for anyone but myself. My opinion is just that, an opinion. As I've gotten married and now have a daughter I have been in many situations where the opinions on one topic or another gets quite heated. I try my best to avoid anyone ever feeling offended.(maybe unless it's a moral, from the Bible, issue... I still don't like conflict though) But sometimes I get frustrated that people only look at something from one angle.I love looking at all sides... asking many people's opinion and watching them live out what they believe and implementing those beliefs into their life being it, their relationship with God, how their marriage is, do they have the kind of God honoring relationship that I would want? Also how they parent. If  I am impressed by any of that, one or all.. I always ask how they got there and what they are doing. That is how some of the things I do and believe, came to be. Obviously every person, marriage, and child is different, but I do believe that many things ring true for many people or can be changed slightly to fit our family. I also sometimes feel like I can't really say how  I feel cause I don't want to offend. But here is a place where I will say what I believe, Please take it or leave it, but know... I don't say things without great thought and reason and research going into them ( just ask my hubby), if you disagree... that's fine.. but please don't settle for things just because that's how you 'feel', or how you grew up or what secular education is teaching. Seek out God's word and wise Christian people around you, so that we may not become a society that 'settles' for less then what God wants for us, our marriages, and our children.