Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Night Kisses

It seems as though every night when I kiss Ella goodnight I get this feeling... it's overwhelming... sometimes it feels like a happy bubble that wants to burst out of me... and sometimes it's so heavy like my life depends on it... I still can't believe she's MINE! I get to keep her! I don't have to give her back or even share her. I don't have to ask permission as to how her day is going to be or what is best for her... Don't get me wrong, I realize that she is a gift from God and that she is really His, and that I do share her with Phil and we are in this parenting thing together... but all my life I've enjoyed being apart of everyone else's baby's/child's life, and now I have my own. Phil and I are in charge of raising her to know God...that's a big task. But right now... while she is young... I am just enjoying the snuggles, how she follows me with her eyes and head around the room... how she responds to my voice.. how she smiles at me and is calmed by my touch.... I'm her mom... I'm a MOM!!! AHH!! I LOVE IT!!
Thank you Jesus for giving us such a beautiful, precious, little Girl. I am and will cherish every moment.