Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another one moves again.....

Why do the best people move?
Throughout my life I have made many friends. And throughout my life many of them have moved away for one reason or another. It never gets easier. Some I've been good at keeping in touch with... others are just a great memory. Until 2008 I have never been the one to move away. Moving has been such a hard thing. Making new friends in a whole new area is different than being the person who greets the new one in town. I have struggled with still 'living' in my old city. In my mind it's still the best place to live and that's where all the best people are. I know it's not right or fair to my new friends, but that's the truth. Making real friends has been even harder.. which brings me to my original question, why do the best people move? I was just getting to know a friend here even better, and tonight she was at my house.. and I was thinking, 'Wow, I really want to get to know her even better. She has such a love for God and great insight on being a wife and mother, plus a seemingly higher standard than many women do these days.' Then after group she told me she was moving. SAD. I almost cried, not because she's a dear friend, but because I could see her being one that could have been.

I know there are quotes such as, 'Be the kind of friend you want to have' or something like that... but sometimes I just want a friend that challenges me to be the better person, not the one who is seemingly 'looked up to'. This has been a struggle I've had for most my life. I'm not perfect or have everything ( or most) things figured out... but I seem to find myself in these situations often. And now at this moment... I just want a good Jesus loving friend, who has something to offer me.

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